Hello there! We're For Flo.

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For Flo is a small Australian business run by a mum of an amazing little girl, with the never-ending support of a super husband.

All of our products and brands are chosen with a mind to be practical, ethical and leave as small as possible imprint on our wonderful planet.

We want to spread awareness of these alternative menstrual product options that are better for your body, while making them more available to women and girls in Australia. We also think it’s important for everyone, girls, boys and men included, to have an understanding of menstruation. That it is a normal, natural and even amazing role our bodies perform. We are excited to also stock some items and gifts that can make menstrual education more fun.


Our Goal

To promote environmentally sustainable healthier product choices and help support widespread menstrual knowledge.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors;

we borrow it from our children.


Sustainable Choices

There are several great reasons that reusable menstrual products are the better option to take – for your body, your wallet and the planet. If you’d like to know more about healthier menstrual product choices, see our information page on reusing below.