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3 liners + 1 mini wet bag 

Charlie Banana feminine products are the perfect starter for a young girl having her first period. Why not give your daughter the proper start, or try them out for yourself!

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Cloth feminine pads have been around for a while but with the rise of disposables, they became unfashionable. Which is such a shame, because cloth pads are actually a delight to use!

We love Charlie Banana feminine pads because of their following great features:

  • Comfortable and super soft against the skin.
  • Free of perfumes, chlorine, and chemicals.
  • Come in multiple sizes and absorbencies: Liners, Regular, Super, and Super+.
  • Stain resistant.


Additional information

Product Size

Liner measures 16.5 x 8 cm


Black, Butterfly, Floralie, Floriana, Hot Pink, Lavender, Peony Blossom, White, Wonderland


Shell-Face: 100% Polyester
Back: Polyurethane
Lining: 100% Polyester
Inner layer: 66% Bi-constituent Fiber (80%Polyester, 20%Nylon), 34% Polyester


Made with care in China.

First use:

  • Pre-wash your pads by hand or machine before using for the first time.

During your period:

  • Pre-rinse your pads in cold water until the water runs clear or leave it to soak overnight.
  • You can hand or machine wash your pads.
  • Hand wash: Hand wash with detergent in warm water.
  • Machine wash: Add to your next machine wash on a gentle, warm cycle.
  • Hang your pad on the line, in the sun if possible to help remove stains.
  • Do not iron.

After your period:

  • Some staining can occur due the absorbent nature of cloth pads and should not be cause for concern. For heavy or stubborn stains, try rubbing bicarb soda with a little water on the stain.
  • Every couple of months (or more frequently if you suffer from yeast infections), wash your pads with a small amount of any of the following:
  • white vinegar
  • apple cider vinegar
  • tee tree oil, or
  • eucalyptus oil
  • Thoroughly rinse your pads and line dry.


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