Lariese – Eternal Rose Otto Facial Mist

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Lariese Eternal Rose Otto Organic Facial Mist is a pure toner suited to all skin types. Refresh your face with a fine spray of this beautiful rose essence anytime your skin feels dehydrated. Especially great for air travel!


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Eternal Rose Otto Facial Mist is a pure hydrosol distillate formed from Rose Otto extraction. It is sourced directly from the world famous “Bulgarian Valley of the Roses” and manufactured through the steam distillation of fresh organic Rose Otto Blossoms during the making of Rose Otto essential oil.

The organic Eternal facial mist can have a calming effect on acne prone or damaged skin, as well as being refreshing for dry or sensitive skin in dehydrating conditions.

Preservative free:
Lariese Eternal Rose Otto Facial Mist bottles are flushed with argon gas enabling them to be preservative free. Argon is an inert heavier-than-air gas that prevents oxidization or the entry of air or bacteria by blanketing the contents within.


Just spritz this refreshing facial toner when your skin feels dehydrated in air-conditioned premises, outdoors, during air travel, or whenever you need a pick me up.

It’s also an excellent medium for mixing with a Lariese Empyrean Clay Face Mask., and spritzing over entire face after using a clay mask.

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Essence of fresh Bulgarian Rose Otto Blossoms captured from steam distillation.


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