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1 x box of 10 wipes

Lunette Cup Wipes, are a great “girl-on-the-go” option for cleaning your menstrual cup when you can’t rinse it. Cup Wipes eliminate most germs and enable you to use your cup safely, even when water is not an option.

While the Lunette Cup Wipes are perfect for your cup, they are not suitable for cleaning your genital area.

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The Lunette Cup Wipes are individually wrapped and nicely compact, so you can easily take one or two with you and use your menstrual cup wherever you go – at the gym, office or even camping!

Kind to you and the environment, Lunette Cup Wipes are made from viscose, a biodegradable material that breaks down quickly. You can even throw the used wipe into compost where it will decompose in less than 6 weeks.


Using Lunette Cup Wipes is easy!

First wipe and dry the cup with a tissue or toilet paper, then wipe clean with the Lunette CupWipe. Let the cup dry completely before you insert it again (this only takes a few moments).

When your period has finished, clean, sterilise and store your cup as per instructions.

If you have any discomfort or irritation, discontinue use immediately and contact your health care provider.

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Additional information


Viscose, water, alcohol.

Product Size

Full wipe measures approx. 14 x 18 cm.


Made in Finland.


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